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Wednesday, May. 25th | 07:49 am

 yesterday we cleaned all day

it gives me hope that a clean home and a baby can coexist

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movie review

Sunday, May. 15th | 08:50 pm

Mean Guns is actually a vampire movie.

There is even a dude with fangs and a chick with a  Caitiff ankh tattoo.

For some reason the vampirism is ubiquitous but completely incidental to the plot.

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tv review

Friday, May. 13th | 10:13 pm



they picked up the finder! yay geoff stults
the office is funny again
the paintball was good on community

:( breaking in is over

:| lie to me too but that is basically okay

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More Gelati

Saturday, Apr. 30th | 11:35 am

Elizabeth pointed out that I did all the cooking for the other two gelati as well, so here they are.

I apologize for the weight measures!

Tart Yogurt Sorbet

350 g Greek yogurt
75 g white sugar
50 ml milk
2 tbsp honey

Mix all ingredients. Chill for a while and freeze. If you use brown sugar, you get a pretty old-ivory color but the flavor is less pure. I never have honey so we substitute simple syrup.

Strawberry Granita

1 dry pint strawberries, hulled and roughly chopped
1 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp lemon or lime juice

Puree all the ingredients together until very smooth. Leave the seeds in, we're not the French Laundry here. To make granita, freeze it in a wide shallow pan like a sheet cake pan, scraping up the crystals with a fork every half hour or so until they are dry and fluffy. This takes a few hours.

You can also just freeze it in your ice cream maker to make a fairly acceptable sorbet.

To serve, make a fluffy bed of strawberry crystals and nestle a scoop of yogurt sorbet on top.

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Matcha Honeydew Sorbet

Thursday, Apr. 28th | 12:08 am

 It's warming up so we are starting to get back into icr cream making mode. This year we are focusing on sorbets and granita. I'll let E tell you about our Greek yogurt sorbet and strawberry granita (inspired by dessert at Evvia).

Tonight I made some matcha honeydew sorbet after the tea and melon cupcakes E made for my birthday a few years ago. Simple and delicious:

1 2-pound honeydew, ripe as you can find, seeded, rind removed, cut into chunks
1/2 cup sugar
A generous pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon (maybe more) matcha powder

Blend the first three ingredients until smooth. Add the matcha a little at a time until the mixture looks and tastes the way you want. Remember that the tea flavor will intensify as it infuses! Strain through a large sieve or a food mill fitted with the fine plate, to remove any chunks. You want the smoothest puree possible.

Chill this in the fridge for a couple of hours, and freeze in your ice cream maker.

This stuff is an incredible jade-green color and if you've got nice matcha it brings out intense floral notes in the melon. It's very grownup and luscious. Elizabeth doesn't like it because it tastes like flowers and grass. Yum.

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Important Nerd Information

Thursday, Apr. 21st | 08:21 am

 Kilts are skirts.

That is all.

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jesus fuck

Wednesday, Apr. 6th | 12:38 am

passionfruit juice pops are fucking delicious

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Excited About Seeds

Wednesday, Feb. 23rd | 11:09 am

We planted our seeds in a seedling incubator thingy a couple of days ago. I'm so excited! The early-season stuff went in already; we are waiting a little bit on most of the hot peppers and stuff because they need hot weather to thrive.

The chiles are as usual the most exciting part of the garden for me. We have...

- Giant orange Thai bird chiles
- Pasillas
- Poblanos

And two proprietary breeds from the New Mexico Chile Institute:

- Habanero Suave Red, a habanero with less heat than an average jalapeño
- Garnet, a sweet paprika-type pepper

We're gonna dry the pasillas and garnets, make chiles rellenos, and do something with the birds and suaves, maybe make two colors of salted chiles, hot and sweet.

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Recent Television Musings

Friday, Feb. 18th | 10:30 am

Outsourced: Okay, so, as far as I can tell this is like an irredeemably guilty pleasure for Indian people. Dunno why. It's clearly got some awkward exoticism issues; every episode has at least one subplot about how Todd isn't in Kansas anymore. I realize it's a fish-out-of-water show but it seems a little bit too on the nose. By the way, Todd is literally from Kansas and the show has made the Oz joke explicit at least once. Most of these exotifying subplots are sort of unpleasant - Todd eating street food and getting sick, Todd being surprised (kudos that he isn't disapproving) that you need to bribe/tip people all the time, one of Todd's coworkers moving into the apartment above him and disturbing him with loud Bollywood music...

But on the other hand, Todd is played by the senselessly charming Ben Rappaport (TV newbie) and his supporting cast is pretty decent: Sacha Dhawan and Rizwan Manji are pretty dang funny, and Rebecca Hazlewood (I guess she's half-Indian) mostly carries the female cast. And the whole thing is really visually beautiful; it looks sort of like a contemporary Moorish theme park or part of EPCOT center rather than real India, but it's lovely.

So like I dunno. It's not without its issues, but I'm happy to see it as an attempt at diversifying the workplace comedy genre

Being Human: I guess this is a remake of a British show with a similar structure. Bromance thing goin' on between scruffy guy who is self-loathing werewolf and hot* guy who is self-loathing vampire. They are roommates and there is a ghost in their house. I guess they just want to be regular dudes and drink beer and eat pizza but they have some problems.

*Okay, so, Sam Witwer has the weirdest face I've seen in a long time. It's all gnarled. I can't deny that he has a kind of rakish flair but it is kinda tiresome seeing his eyebrows make the GRR ANGRY shape all the time. I used to know a guy who was like that. He made me nervous.

So this is kinda like True Blood but less so - Vampire Aidan is like Vampire Bill but more of a kinky metrosexual than a courtly badass; Sally the Ghost is like Sookie but less completely annoying, Werewolf Josh is I guess his own dude but 'vulnerable guy who can't get laid' is hardly a character we've never seen before. Vampire Aidan even has a controlling vampire-daddy who's like every vampire Bill knows only more sleazy.

So it's kinda been-there done-that. Movin' on.

Fairly Legal: Sarah Shahi and Michael Trucco fighting all the time and maybe making out? Yes!

I actually like this show a lot. I don't know how mediators work in real life and I don't really believe it looks like what Shahi does for a second because in this show she is kind of like a psychic mind-controlling superhero. But she makes it fun and there is lots of snappy, tense dialogue. Good stuff.

Mr Sunshine: Hey, somehow Matthew Perry found a part that makes him kinda likeable! The chick from Better Off Ted, who plays Alice on this show, is pretty funny. I am giving it a chance although I worry that even in the half hour format its highly stylized characters will become grating quickly.

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yum yum pickles

Tuesday, Feb. 15th | 09:40 am

Do you know what is the best pickled thing?

Pickled beets and celery root. YUM OMG. They are sweet and sour and earthy and just a bit aromatic from the celery root. They're also mostly raw, so they have a great rooty crunch, and best of all they are a completely beautiful glowing crimson color.

You need:

1 part by weight beets, peeled
2 parts by weight celery root, peeled
Enough Basic Sour Pickle Brine to cover, see below.

Cut the vegetables into batons a little narrower than a pencil, and pack them into the container you plan to store in. Cover with brine, then transfer everything to a saucepan, bring to a boil, and cook for a minute or two. Move back into the container and chill. Use soon!

I guess if you pressure canned them or something you could just dump them into the jar with brine, can them, and put them up forever. Yummy....

Basic Sour Pickle Brine

Per cup of brine you need:
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon Kosher salt

Bring together and heat gently to dissolve. Cool. Done.

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