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Jade Rice

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Wednesday, Jan. 11th | 08:18 pm
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So today I went to the Asian market to get some curry paste for the next week or so, and, much to my amazement, the store had fresh lime leaves in the produce department. Needless to say, I picked up a package without hesitation; such was my excitement that I forgot to look for lychee nectar.

Arriving home, I found myself in a rice mood, so I threw some Japanese rice on the stove and ground up some ginger and lime leaves into this pretty green paste.

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I mixed this with the rice, which made it a nice subtle celadon colour; it turned out to be all fragrance and no flavor, though, so I ended up adding dashi stock and salt to give it some attitude, and that remained unsatisfying; it was reasonably tasty to start with, but as it cooled it rapidly became strangely bitter.

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