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IRON GAME CHEF lesbianstripperninja

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Wednesday, Jan. 11th | 02:56 am
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So, RPGnet has been talking about the history of the "lesbianstripperninja" concept, and, uh, it's kind of hilarious.

So, inspired by that and by this* exchange, I present to you the most difficult IGC ever.

*: me: only i'm not sure how feudal japan reacted to female homosexuality
suffusion: men are men
suffusion: and men think women kissing are hawt
thickenergy: yes, but would that ultimately keep them from cutting off their heads?
suffusion: they could try, but c'mon
suffusion they're also ninja

The Rules:
Use these terms: lesbian, ninja*
*: Shinobi is an acceptable synonym.

Use one of these terms: husband, strip, tea

Write a roleplaying game using these terms. Not like a board game or Hopscotch or whatever.

Entries are due at 11:59 EST next Wednesday (the 18th), linked in the comments of this post. Unlike traditional IGC, I'll accept applications for extensions of up to a week, provided that you have something better to do (have a baby, finish editing PUSH, whatever), but you must post at least a game title and concept by the original due date.

I will buy the winner a drink which he must collect in person. Two runners-up will receive a congratulatory email. I'll submit an entry, but I'll not consider it in the judging unless I get at least one volunteer to be an additional impartial judge.

By the way, this isn't a rule, but I'll be less sanguine toward games that are, like, pornographic or overly Hooters-esque. We are men (or women), not animals.

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Re: lesbianstripperninja

from: unrequitedthai
Date: Saturday, Jan. 28th - 12:35 am

frank your link she is broke

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