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IRON GAME CHEF lesbianstripperninja

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Wednesday, Jan. 11th | 02:56 am
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So, RPGnet has been talking about the history of the "lesbianstripperninja" concept, and, uh, it's kind of hilarious.

So, inspired by that and by this* exchange, I present to you the most difficult IGC ever.

*: me: only i'm not sure how feudal japan reacted to female homosexuality
suffusion: men are men
suffusion: and men think women kissing are hawt
thickenergy: yes, but would that ultimately keep them from cutting off their heads?
suffusion: they could try, but c'mon
suffusion they're also ninja

The Rules:
Use these terms: lesbian, ninja*
*: Shinobi is an acceptable synonym.

Use one of these terms: husband, strip, tea

Write a roleplaying game using these terms. Not like a board game or Hopscotch or whatever.

Entries are due at 11:59 EST next Wednesday (the 18th), linked in the comments of this post. Unlike traditional IGC, I'll accept applications for extensions of up to a week, provided that you have something better to do (have a baby, finish editing PUSH, whatever), but you must post at least a game title and concept by the original due date.

I will buy the winner a drink which he must collect in person. Two runners-up will receive a congratulatory email. I'll submit an entry, but I'll not consider it in the judging unless I get at least one volunteer to be an additional impartial judge.

By the way, this isn't a rule, but I'll be less sanguine toward games that are, like, pornographic or overly Hooters-esque. We are men (or women), not animals.

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Entry, sort of

from: johnevans
Date: Thursday, Jan. 19th - 04:59 am

It's about 10 minutes to the deadline, so I thought I'd post the fact that I'm doing final writing and editing on my entry...should be a couple more hours at the latest. Here's the title and basic concept. I'll post more if you absolutely want to see what I have before the deadline.


The room was filled with soft sounds. The clatter of chopsticks against fine porcelain, the shifting of robes and hair, the murmur of young feminine voices so quiet as to be on the very edge of hearing.

Then a stillness settled over the room. It radiated from the head of the table. All the powdered faces turned to face the woman presiding over the meal. She did not say anything for several moments. She did not have to. The sun peeked up over the mountains, its rays falling over her shoulder.

"You have learned much in your time here." Golden Lotus' voice reverberated throughout the room. "You have learned the arts of song, dance, entertainments of all kinds. But there is more to your work than such distractions."

"Our society is simple; those above decide, those below serve. We serve, yet our services place us in a unique position. Those above give us trust, trust us to accomplish tasks that are needed."

"I have received instructions along those lines. There are those who must be dealt with. Made an example of. It is time for you to take up this task as you were always meant to do."

"I have found the best way to learn is through experience...

(Basically: Players are geisha in training who must assassinate samurai, who are in turn hunting for ninja and taking breaks at the geisha teahouse.)

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Re: Entry, for real

from: johnevans
Date: Friday, Jan. 20th - 03:33 am

Hanamichi, version 1.0.

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