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IRON GAME CHEF lesbianstripperninja

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Wednesday, Jan. 11th | 02:56 am
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So, RPGnet has been talking about the history of the "lesbianstripperninja" concept, and, uh, it's kind of hilarious.

So, inspired by that and by this* exchange, I present to you the most difficult IGC ever.

*: me: only i'm not sure how feudal japan reacted to female homosexuality
suffusion: men are men
suffusion: and men think women kissing are hawt
thickenergy: yes, but would that ultimately keep them from cutting off their heads?
suffusion: they could try, but c'mon
suffusion they're also ninja

The Rules:
Use these terms: lesbian, ninja*
*: Shinobi is an acceptable synonym.

Use one of these terms: husband, strip, tea

Write a roleplaying game using these terms. Not like a board game or Hopscotch or whatever.

Entries are due at 11:59 EST next Wednesday (the 18th), linked in the comments of this post. Unlike traditional IGC, I'll accept applications for extensions of up to a week, provided that you have something better to do (have a baby, finish editing PUSH, whatever), but you must post at least a game title and concept by the original due date.

I will buy the winner a drink which he must collect in person. Two runners-up will receive a congratulatory email. I'll submit an entry, but I'll not consider it in the judging unless I get at least one volunteer to be an additional impartial judge.

By the way, this isn't a rule, but I'll be less sanguine toward games that are, like, pornographic or overly Hooters-esque. We are men (or women), not animals.

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(no subject)

from: foreign_devilry
Date: Thursday, Jan. 19th - 01:50 am

Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan

Premise: Kyoko is a wind spirit, a kazekami. She is also a ninja. She is not a princess, as Kublai Khan thought before Kyoko stabbed him in the gut. He was trying to be amorous with his newest concubine. She was trying to prevent the Mongol invasion of Japan. As Kublai dies, the kazekami torments her husband by recounting how she has managed to seduce scores of his rare and beautiful wives.

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